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Use this form to apaly to attend 2019 Annual Conference and 11th COSD Workshop. What is COSD Workshop?
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Privacy Policy

Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, the JVOC has established a Privacy Policy under which it strives to protect personal information appropriately throughout the organization.

Basic principles concerning the collection and use of personal information, related management methods, and education, training, auditing, and other means of ensuring their efficacy are implemented as described below.

■ Basic principles of personal information collection, use, provision, etc.

Collecting personal information directly from the individuals concerned is conducted after first obtaining their consent through lawful and fair means.
The purposes of use are identified clearly when collecting personal information, and the information is used solely within the extent necessary to achieve such purpose of use.
Sensitive information that involves a high possibility of infringement on individual interests is collected only with the clear consent of the individuals concerned or as backed by laws, regulations, etc.
When the JVOC accepts subcontracting from outside parties of operations involving processing of personal information, or subcontracts such operations to outside parties, provisions are established and complied with concerning protection of the confidentiality of personal information, matters related to sub-subcontracting, division of responsibilities for incidents, and return and deletion of personal information upon contractual termination.
Personal information is used and provided solely within the extent to which the individual concerned has consented.

■ Management of personal information

The JVOC takes measures to maintain the accuracy of personal information collected directly from the individuals concerned or obtained when accepting subcontracting of operations from outside parties and to prevent incidents such as unauthorized access, loss, damage, unauthorized alteration, and leakage of such information.
When the JVOC accepts subcontracting from outside parties of operations involving processing of personal information, it confirms that the client collected such personal information through lawful and fair means after first obtaining the consent of the individuals concerned.

■ Laws, regulations, and other norms

The JVOC complies with the laws and regulations of Japan and other norms regarding protection of personal information, and it strives to improve this Policy on a continual basis.

■ Inquiries from individuals concerned by personal information

Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information from the individuals concerned by such information shall be responded to swiftly, to a reasonable extent.

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May 30, 2010
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